What you can expect from Shaolin Kungfu training

Each class begins with a vigorous warm up period followed by stretching. This is designed to increase your blood flow and heart rate and loosen your muscles for easier stretching. We then begin basic skills or drills training which is designed to get you familiar with many of the movements and kicks contained in the forms. Many martial art schools withhold some of the harder kicks and gymnastics for later in training, however, we start you on them immediately because some of these require much practice and repetition to be mastered correctly. These basic skills and drills also help the student build strength, flexibility, and coordination which will be needed to execute the forms correctly and precisely. We then begin forms and application training. Students are taught the fighting forms and their applications and given time to practice them. Just when you thought you were tired and class was about to be over, we end each class with a short period of strength training. Sounds very intimidating but it is also a lot of fun.

What you can expect from Tai chi training

Tai chi classes at the Cultural Center begin with a warm up that includes qi gong exercises, stance drills and stretching, followed by open hand and weapons forms training. Our program uses a combination of Chen and Shaolin styles to teach internal techniques that will not only improve your health, but will also give you a stronger, more powerful base in your overall martial arts training.

Whether you choose the path of kungfu or tai chi (or both), you will leave each class feeling energized, and with a sense of accomplishment, knowing that you are improving your strength, stamina, flexibility, health, self-defense skills, and that you are improving your life in a dramatic way.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Children Beg. Traditional
(level 0 – yellow sash)
4pm-5pm 4pm-5pm
Children Traditional 5pm-6pm 5pm-6pm 5pm-6pm 5pm-6pm 5pm-6pm 10am-11am
Children (adv.) Traditional 11am-12pm
Tai Chi 7:30pm-8:30pm 7:30pm-8:30pm 11am-12:00pm
Adult Traditional 6:30pm-8pm 6:30pm-8pm 6:30pm-8pm 6:30pm-8pm  — 1pm-2:30pm  —
Adult Modern Wushu (by appt.)
Open Gym 11am-1:00pm



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